How It Works

What is SLIM & RENEW LED Lipo?

How It Works

It is a LED light applied directly to the skin where it enters the skin at a specific wavelength targeted for adipose (fat) cells. The wavelength used stimulates the fat in the fat cell to liquefy. Adipose cells are infused releasing free fatty acids (FFA’s) also known as triglycerides. Triglycerides are normally released from fat cells when the body needs energy, which is the same thing that happens when you exercise. Once released, the glycerol and free fatty acids are used by the body as an energy source. The fat cell continues to release completely until it’s emptied. When emptied, Adipose cells “shrink” significantly resulting in inch loss.

Targeted Loss

Our device is designed to target and address spot fat reduction (or inch loss) & body contouring in combination with an introduction to a healthy active lifestyle. The treatment is non-invasive, quick and easy.

NO surgery
NO pain
NO needles

Where Does It Go?

As the treatment continues, the released fat is absorbed and carried away by the lymphatic system.
There are two ways you get rid of the fat:
1.) By burning up the released fat and using it as energy
2.) The fat disappears into the blood stream & appears in the urine
Both of these processes naturally occur in your body. This is how your body normally purges fat, so nothing unnatural is happening inside of the body.

What It Helps

• Reduce Fat
• Reduce Stretch Marks
• Shrink Skin
• Lose Inches
• Eliminate Cellulite
• Spot Reduce
• Chin “Tucks” with chin fat
• Eliminate Muffin Tops
• Body Sculpting
• Pain and Inflammation
• Body Contouring

What It's Not

• Not another Diet
• Not Complicated
• Not for Everyone
• Another Gimmick
• Surgery
• Drugs

We Finally Offer You Hope

This new LED Lipo technology gives you hope. Have you felt frustrated you haven’t lost those 7-23 inches doing diet and exercise? Lost hope? When you see the fat coming off quickly, you will have hope and be more inspired to make the changes you know you should be doing. Not to mention the health benefits of losing weight.

Hope for people who exercise and eat right, but still have those problem areas – LED Lipo can spot reduce trouble areas.
Hope for people who diet and exercise, but it doesn’t seem to help them lose weight and they lose the motivation to continue.
Hope for people with cellulite – to smooth out the skin.
Hope for people with excess skin after losing weight and they don’t want to go in for surgery.
Hope for people who want to see immediate results – for the motivation to make lasting lifestyle changes.

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Safe, painless, and non-invasive treatment for spot fat reduction & aesthetic body contouring.